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To everyone who is STILL complaining about how easy it is to find a wild shiny in pokemon X/ Y, I just found my very first one.

She’s a lovely, shiny Zangoose with beautiful blue stripes instead of the standard red ones.

She was caught in a repeat ball, rather than the luxury ball I wanted to house her in.

Her name is Stardust.

…and I finally found her after 454 hours of game play.

So, no, it’s not really any easier to find shiny pokemon in the wild; other players are just having better luck than ever before.





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when people ask me if i know about a thing i’m actually a huge fan of


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that frustrating time when your friends finally start reading your favorite book or watching your favorite tv show, but all you wanna do is tell them all these spoilers and begin fangirling / fanboying with them and you just sorta have to restrain yourself and


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i just burned 1200 calories (i forgot the pizza in the oven)

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I don’t even understand what’s so enjoyable about reblogging pictures all day

but I can’t stop

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steampoweredman asked: you've started the project so long ago and produced so few video results do you have any release dates as of yet?


We get this question so often that maybe it’s time to address it properly. Let us enlighten you:

A series can be in development for more than a year. Even more important than the time it takes is how much it costs to produce. It would be a major shock to me if a single episode of a major production cost less than $50K to produce. 

Even Dorama take a long time to shoot. The Fuji TV comedy Densha Otoko had only 11 episodes, roughly 22 hours of air time…and each episode took about 3 weeks to produce. The budget for that series was rumored to be about $500,000 an episode. The side scenes of the extras took 2 days per episode, 

To give you a rough figure for equivalent US TV shows…one episode of FRIENDS (24 minutes) cost roughly $6M an episode…and that was just the cost of the 6 main characters. For the last two years, the main 6 characters made approximately $1M per episode each! 

It ain’t cheap and it ain’t easy.

To put it in perspective: We are a small, independent group of voluntary, non-profit artists, writers and musicians; Running on no budget and little experience to bring the fandom a show as high a quality as we can.

Each frame is drawn and coloured by the hands of people that have an education, have a job, have a family, or have potentially bigger problems to deal with than working on this. 

Project Crynime does not pay for our living. It’s not a job. So unfortunately, we can’t cater to the demand.

We would appreciate your patience and understanding. This is not going to be addressed again.









Renovated my sister’s Guess Who game.  It is now Guess Superwholock.  I am pleased.

I was play guess superwholock


“Are you gorgeous?”
“They’re all gorgeous, you need to ask more specific questions..”
“Do you frequently break hearts?”

“Have you appeared to have died on screen?”
*half the board goes down*

“Are you black?”
“You’re Martha” 

I laughed then I serioused.


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My dash did a thing.


My dash did a thing.

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