Alphabet Soup

The entire collection of “Hey Arnold!” in one, big, beautiful boxset.

It is now mine.

Thank you and good night.

I’ve been on the phone for two hours now, trying to reach the doctor’s office so I can cancel tomorrow’s appointment.

It. Just. Keeps. Ringing.

It’ll ring for 15-16 minutes, give me a recording that “all lines are busy” and then tell me to try again later with no chance to leave a message.

I know they aren’t closed - I started at 1 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon - but this is beyond absurd. This isn’t a small office; this is adjacent to the hospital, with hundreds of folks working there, so why can’t I get a recording or a receptionist’s desk or SOMETHING?!

Forget this. I’m just gonna skip it.

Is any of my followers into Loot Crate?

I’m tempted to buy one in September (since its my birth-month), but I’m always nervy about ordering things online when I have no way of seeing the product.

Any Loot Crate (owners? users? enjoyers?) that have had problems getting their loot shipped or have had it arrived with issues?


im only 9, clefairy

We had to sing the arrows out loud to get through this mini game. There is nothing better than walking into a room full of kids going:
"Left, right, right, left, up, up, down, down, down—- no, wait, was it right? DAMNIT! What was next? WHAT WAS NEXT?!?!"


im only 9, clefairy

We had to sing the arrows out loud to get through this mini game. There is nothing better than walking into a room full of kids going:

"Left, right, right, left, up, up, down, down, down—- no, wait, was it right? DAMNIT! What was next? WHAT WAS NEXT?!?!"

(via transboyscout)

I’m a terrible person.

I’ll disappear for days or complain about something and then, less than an hour later, go back to posting things as if everything’s fine.

Why did I have to complain about things in the first place if I was just going to move on past it? Especially if I was just going to move past it when things really didn’t get any better?

That’s just a downer for people who don’t need to be subjected to it.

I need to learn how to stop doing things like that.

No matter how many times I watch them, “Saw V” is still my favorite.


Brit: We killed eight people and stole a property and nobody cared.
Mallick: Nobody cared? The families of those eight people cared, the feds cared. Look at my fucking arm - I cared! I cared!
Brit: But you didn’t face justice. None of us did.
Mallick: Why did they all do it? Why? Was it for money? This was your plan? You were the one behind it? There was eight people still living in that building! You had to know that! Did you know that?
Brit: [just looks at him in guilty silence]
Mallick: You’re a monster!
Brit: So are you.
Mallick: We both deserve to be here.


…and then they hold each others hand, comforting each other, as they do their best to survive their final test.


Oh, I forgot to share this yesterday!!!

Yesterday, when I was at work, a mother and her teenage daughter came in to get some movies. Her daughter had this beautifully long, thick, curly dark hair, styled and pulled back, and shaved short around her temples. It was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t help but say something when they came up to check out…

Me: Here’s your movies, they’ll be due on Monday.
Daughter: Thanks.
Me: I’m sorry, but I just have to say, I really love your hair.
Daughter: *laughs* Who? Me?
Me: Yeah, it just look fantastic. 
Daughter: Really?! 
Mother: You both are crazy.
Daughter: See, mom? I told you it looked amazing!
Me: It really does.
Mother: I still say you’re crazy, but whatever.

Her mom seemed to be in a “even though I don’t agree with you, it’s your hair, and you can do what you want” mood, but her daughter just lit up, like I made her day or something. 

I really wish I had a cell phone with a camera; I would have asked to take a reference picture. It was a really beautiful style, but I haven’t been able to replicate it via sketch yet.


What did I do today?

I feel like I didn’t do very much.

I went to the movies, then I went home and watched another movie. Ok, under-productive, but whatever… I drew an OC missing her eye and hand… I drew human! Wander/ Sylvia/ Hater/ Peepers in my style and that was sort of interesting… did some laundry… answered some posts… avoided responsibilities that I’ll have to catch up with tomorrow…


You know, that sounds like a good day.

crookedfemscout said: Nerd.

Ironically, that’s why I went to go see the film.

I am a film nerd. I love films. I especially love all the behind-the-scenes stuff. Knowing what Vin Diesel had to do for Groot really made me consider seeing the film in the first place, but I was all “meh… I feel like all the superhero stuff is played out for me”. The only reason I went was because a coworker (who is as much of a huge film nerd as I am) convinced me to go anyways. 

But now I’ve seen it and I still don’t see what all the fuss is about it. Sure, it was an alright film, but I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed other films in the same genre. I found the plot predictable and the pacing seemed to drag in a few places (or that could have been my boredom stretching it out). I know this is going to be a horribly unpopular opinion, but… to me, all the Marvel films are exactly the same. They use the same formula over and over again because it works for them, which is great from a shareholders viewpoint and maybe it’s even great from a fan’s viewpoint, but for the general audience… it’s dull. Repetitive plot points in all your films are repetitive.

Maybe it’s because I’m not as into comics as so many others are? But I was under the impression that it was a somewhat obscure series to begin with, so…


I saw it. I went in with a positive review as my gauge and I gave it a fair shake. I wasn’t as impressed with it as others seem to have been, but meh.

So, please excuse me while I nerd it up with “Sunshine” (2007) over some lunch, and I’ll see you after that when I catch up with all the RP posts I owe some pretty patient and wonderful people.